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Begin marketing online! Receive a high-converting landing page, ad creatives, and more from Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington! 

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75% of website users leave a website due to lack of credibility. Receive a testimonial from original Shark Tank star Kevin Harrington about your company and gain the credibility you need to thrive and achieve your goals.

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Receive A Written Testimonial From Shark Tank Star Kevin Harrington

Kevin Harrington will personally write a testimonial that you can use on your website, landing page, ads, and more to gain credibility for your business, product, or service!

Custom Built High-Converting Landing Page

Through rigorous testing, data analysis, and a keen understanding of consumer behavior, Kevin and his team have honed their skills in designing landing pages that not only captivate the audience but also guide them seamlessly through the conversion funnel.

Let Kevin and his team build a high-converting landing page for you so you can achieve your digital goals!

Ad Creatives That You Can Use Across Multiple Platforms

Kevin Harrington’s seasoned team will craft ten dynamic advertisements that you can use on multiple ad platforms. With a keen understanding of cross-platform effectiveness, these ad creatives promise to elevate marketing campaigns, ensuring seamless integration across multiple channels for maximum impact and audience engagement.

Vision And Strategy Calls With Kevin's Expert Team

Kevin Harrington’s Digital Marketing Starter Package includes a personalized vision strategy session and two advisory video calls with his expert team. These sessions cover digital acquisition and ad spend optimization, offering valuable insights to boost online marketing success.

"Kevin is a pioneer in the direct response industry and has risen to nearly iconic status over the years. I admire his vision and his drive and I am honored to call him both my business partner and my friend. I hold you in the highest regard."

Montel Williams

TV Talk Show Host

"Kevin's innovative mindset is brilliant! His recommendation of our utilizing AT&T U-verse television content and AdWorks advertising solutions to market our newly developed Apps was a major WIN at our conference."

Lori Lee

Senior Vice President of
Marketing, AT&T



We have a long history of helping people grow their businesses and achieve their entrepreneurial goals. We have worked with thousands of individuals, including celebrities and high-profile figures, to help them succeed in their respective industries. Despite our track record of success, we remain committed to helping others achieve their business aspirations no matter the size of their company.

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