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To finish your application to appear on “Get Down To Business” with Kevin Harrington on the FOX Business channel, please pick a time that you would be available to interview with us to see if you would be a good fit for the show.

Gain The Trust Of Your Audience

75% of website users leave a website due to lack of credibility. Be interviewed by original Shark Tank star Kevin Harrington on FOX Business about your company and gain the credibility you need to thrive and achieve your goals.

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Be Interviewed By A Shark About Your Business On National TV

With this program, you will be featured on national TV with Kevin Harrington, an original Shark from Shark Tank!

Attract Prospective Buyers

Are you gearing up for a TV interview with Shark Tank’s very own Kevin Harrington? This is your chance to showcase your business and gain valuable exposure. You’ll have the opportunity to share your story, highlight your unique selling points, and make a strong impression on a seasoned entrepreneur. So get ready to shine on camera and make the most of this exciting opportunity!

Reach Millions Of Viewers

Appearing on Kevin Harrington’s national Fox Business show can be a game-changer for your business. With millions of viewers tuning in, you have the opportunity to showcase your brand and reach a vast audience. Kevin Harrington’s show is a highly respected platform for entrepreneurs to gain valuable exposure and make meaningful connections in the business world.

Increase Sales

After appearing on Kevin Harrington’s national TV show on Fox Business, you can add an “As Seen on Fox Business” label to your website to further boost credibility and increase sales. This label serves as a visual endorsement and can help build trust with potential customers who recognize the show and Kevin Harrington’s endorsement.

Here Is What You Can Expect

We will help showcase your brand to millions, providing you with exposure and authority in your space. Here’s what to expect.

Record With Kevin

Sit down and answer questions from Kevin about your business, product, or brand on camera.

Broadcast On National TV

Broadcast your brand or company to millions on FOX Business

Meet With Kevin & Team

After the recording, meet with Kevin and his team to discuss and consult about your business, brand, or product.

See What Others Are Saying

Discover what other entrepreneurs and business owners say about being on FOX Business with Kevin

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Benefit from the power of television by reaching millions of viewers with your business, product, or service.

Get Down To Business with Kevin Harrington is a television show that airs on FOX Business where Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington interviews entrepreneurs about their business, products, or services.

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