Serial Entrepreneur For 50+ Years, Inventor of The Infomercial, Original Shark On Shark Tank, And Over $6 Billion In Sales

From Fortune 100 companies to startups, Kevin helps companies of all sizes grow and scale their business

Meet Kevin Harrington

Inventor of the Infomercial, Original Shark on Shark Tank, Fortune 100 Investor, Philanthropist, Author; Kevin has done it all.

Kevin is a pioneer of the "As Seen On TV" Industry. As the original owner of As Seen On TV Inc. and, Kevin has produced over $6 billion in global sales and has launched over 1,000 products.

As the As Seen On TV industry transitioned to digital sales, Kevin saw the writing on the wall and changed gears by selling his As Seen On TV assets. Kevin adapted by investing and advising for dozens of companies including both private and public organizations. Kevin now sits on the board of directors for multiple companies and has created billions of dollars in value.

an Original Shark On Shark Tank

With all of Kevin's success, he reached the pinnacle of his career and was an original Shark on Shark Tank.

As an original “Shark,” Kevin has shot over 175 segments of Shark Tank on ABC and updated segments for the show.

Best-Selling Author

Kevin is a world-renowned and best-selling author.

His latest book, Mentor To Millions, was recently featured as the #2 best selling book in the Wall Street Journal and a best-seller in USA Today.

Throughout his journey in Mentor to Millions, Kevin pulls back the curtain on entrepreneurship at the highest level sharing invaluable wisdom, revealing priceless business lessons, and unpacking the most critical lessons entrepreneurs need while climbing the mountain of success.

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How Kevin Reach New Heights
Consulting & Advising

Kevin advises business leaders worldwide, from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies. Using his 50+ years of business experience, Kevin has created billions of dollars of value for his clients.


Kevin Harrington and his team are experts in Digital Marketing and advertising. Kevin utilizes his knowledge to build leading sales funnels and market products across all major online channels including Facebook, Google, Instagram, YouTube, & TikTok


Kevin is a leading investor in companies of all sizes. Kevin leverages his network to provide capital and expertise. Kevin sits on the board of directors for dozens of private and public companies, creating billions in value for shareholders.


When Kevin Harrington speaks, business leaders listen. He delivers success secrets in an engaging, story-driven style that keeps audiences buzzing—and succeeding! Kevin has spoken at thousands of events and for leading organizations such as Microsoft, AT&T, and Syracuse university.


(Yes, that's a 40,000% increase)

Kevin joined the Celsius Energy Drink board of directors in 2013. Since joining, Kevin helped create over $7 billion in value by introducing strategic partnerships and providing a wealth of knowledge and experience. Kevin can help grow your company's stock price too.

Kevin Has Helped Create Over $7 Billion In Value For Celsius

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Success Stories From Kevin's Vault

With over 50 years of experience, Kevin has grown hundreds of company's to new heights; Here's a few of his favorites

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