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FASTER Than Your Competitors

Join Us At The Business Accelerator Event On May 18th and 19th!

Unlock The Secrets Of Being A Successful Business Owner By Learning From The Best Entrepreneurs In The World.


Kevin Harrington

Original Shark on Shark Tank and Inventor of the Infomercial. Kevin has sold over $5 Billion in products in 100 plus countries. He has launched over 20 businesses to over $100 million each!

Brandon T. Adams

Brandon T. Adams is an Investor, Media Expert, TV Host, and 2X Emmy Award Winning Producer. He is the founder of Accelerant Media Group which produces Commercials, Social Media Content, and TV Shows that Inspire and Motivate others.

Chris Cumby

Christopher Cumby Business Development Consultant & Business Advisor. He is the author of “The Success Playbook”, and the founder of My Evolution Game, a complete step-by-step process designed for the Go-Getters to advance to the top of their game!

Wendy Stevens

Renowned Guerrilla Marketing Expert, Wendy Stevens has coached and trained more than 80,000 people in 136 countries to master the art of Guerrilla Marketing, lead generation, and sales and is an expert in podcast production with over 2 million podcast downloads in 2 years.

Dave Fulk

Dave is an accomplished CEO, Investor, and Coach. He helps business owners grow & scale by eliminating obstacles and implementing ideas. Dave's goal in life is to help people share their awesome and live the life they truly desire!

Alex Wolo

Alex is a digital marketing and technical expert. He is an entrepreneur who has raised millions of dollars in his career, but also builds and teaches digital marketing, automation, advertising strategies, and more.

Christen Hagan

Christen is a serial entrepreneur who has operated and sold businesses in the franchise, hospitality, production, and consumer products industries. She also specializes in manufacturing, development, brand strategy, advertising, and distribution.


Network and make connections with the speakers and other like-minded entrepreneurs.


Learn the latest valuable insider information about entrepreneurship and marketing from the top business professionals in the world.


Be inspired by other like-minded entrepreneurs and by our line-up of master class speakers.

Master Class Topics Include:

Building brands in the digital age.

Branding and licensing your business.

Introduction to digital marketing, facebook, automation, and more.

Raising capital keys and secrets.

Scale your business quickly and effectively.

Communicate your brand message effectively through podcasts.

Build a dream team of top-professionals in your network.


Where It's Going To Be:

Enjoy luxury accommodations, amenities, and service at the Hyatt Place in sunny St. Petersburg, FL! Take our master training in the exclusive Sunshine City Ballroom, network in the Hybar next to the lobby, then retire for the evening to a beautiful and comfortable room. Plus, there are many museums, restaurants, and other things to do within an arm’s reach away!

Kevin's Events Have Helped Thousands Of Entrepreneurs

"Through these events, I have gained access to things that have helped my business and my life."

-Ralph DiBugnara, Entrepreneur








"Did you know that every month, we launch at least 5 new INNOVATIVE products online? Did you know that every month, we talk to DOZENS of investors? Did you know that every month, we try THOUSANDS of marketing ideas, tactics, and campaigns?

Did you know that every month, we invest, advise, and consult in dozens of companies? AND IN EVERY INDUSTRY! I want to help you accomplish your goals, overcome your challenges, start, and scale your business!"
Kevin Harrington

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